They Who Wait

Waiting doesn't wait for permission to begin. It pushes itself into your heart un-invited the moment the first dreams of a desire awaken in your heart. The call to wait for something beautiful; for something God-scripted. For something outside of your control.

It can't be commanded or brought forth on cue. It doesn't stand in the wings and usher forth when it's summoned. It doesn't flee when others tell you it doesn't make sense. It's presence is undeniable. It flies in the face of our on-demand, selfish, sinful nature. It's not loud because it's favorite way of making itself known is in the silence. In the silence when you have nothing else to listen to.

At the ironing board, at the kitchen sink. On sunset roads and cozy coffee shops. On the long gray days of drenching rain. In darkest nights. In moments of the other person's greatest joy. When you're supposed to be having fun. At the dinner alone; in an empty chair across from you. In life's greatest moments. In spiritual highs and lows. At the holidays; joyful family all around. In the ticket line. The pictures. The mirror in the morning. In physical sickness and weakness. In all of the songs.

Are you the one waiting on a God given desire?

It pulls our faith to the limits and asks us to lean heavily into Christ. It makes us look crazy to this world as we wait for a timing not our own. It believes there is something better. It believes that all the weeks, months, and years will be worth it. It refines us and makes us as gold. It wakes us early in the morning and brings us to our knees. It's our thorn in the side. It finds us in the quickly filling pages of a prayer journal and the thin pages of a beloved Bible. It gives us grace for those around us as we wait with them and learn to love them better. It pulls us to a place of calm surrender as we feel peace beyond understanding assure us that God is there. It grinds our heart down to all we can bear and gives us the courage to admit we're broken but hopeful. In the midst of waiting, at the end of waiting, we always find God there.

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.
— Isaiah 40:31