In The Music Studio (Last day!)

Stepping behind the mic is one of the best feelings. Putting the headphones on and hearing the sound of your voice resonate back in your ears. I still get butterflies in my stomach. 

Ribbet collage.jpg

The music plays clearly in my ears along with the ticking of the metronome. I hold the pad of paper that the lyrics are written on in front of me and take a breath. My heart beats a little faster with excitement and a little bit of nervousness. 

Joel sits in the other room with a window between us with a mic so he can talk to me and give me direction. I "thumbs up" through the window when I like a take. Most of the time he's cracking jokes right before I start singing. (thanks, Joel!)

Too soon we had all of the vocals done and the song was completed. All that's left to do is mix it down and make it into mp3 format so that you all can hear it!

I will be "releasing" (that word just so sounds so professional!) it in the next couple of days on my YouTube music channel so keep checking there for it!

For now, 

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