Release of "I Am Yours" | An Original Song

I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to be back in the music studio writing and recording my own music again. It'd been five years since I'd recorded anything and I assumed that the call on my life to pursue music had disappeared.

Suddenly God lit in my heart a passion for Him I had never known was possible. He touched and transformed every area in my life including music. 

Now I have a greater passion for music than I ever had before because my music is for a greater purpose than myself. The Lord used the words of John in John 3:30 to define the goal that my music should represent. 

He must become greater; I must become less.
— John 3:30

I wrote this song, "I Am Yours" to represent a new start in my life and in my music. To take a step holding His hand on this path of constant sanctification and humbling and realization of who I am apart from my precious Savior. To surrender, let go and say, "Jesus, I am yours wherever you may take me."

You can hear my song by playing it below. I've included the lyrics as well so you can read along! Enjoy!

Verse 1
I traded life for lies
Days dark as night
My house was built on sand
My heart was breaking, and
I was searching for something
I could not feel
Reaching for anything
I needed something real

I was made new
And you brought me through
You took my past
Everything I had
And threw it all away
I am yours, oh God
I am yours

Verse 2
I would have to say goodbye
This life would have to die
Flee the undue praise
Repent of misspent days
I will walk this hard road
I will face the storms
I know I'm not alone
I know I'm not alone

I want people to see
When they look at me 
Your shining light
All you work and all your love
The work you have begun


This single is also available on iTunes here!

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