Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons. Not to say that I absolutely love the 100+ degree weather here in California, but I do love the feeling of life and activity that the warmer months bring. 


In the early Spring months the almond orchards by my house are covered with white blossoms. I try to take as many long walks during the short time that the trees are covered with my version of "snow."


Our friends hold a Spring barn dance every year. Overhead are strings of lights and a sky still tinged with the sunset til it gives way to bright stars. The smell of the campfires lit all around fill the air along with the sound of good ol' country music.


My brother, Jared, started teaching himself guitar this year. It makes this sister proud. ;)


Kaylee (my scrumptious, lovable, squeezable, little niece) likes to enjoy the warm weather by enjoying her bottle on our bench. 


My brother, Jordan, joined our church's softball team this year! Isn't he handsome?! 


Kaylee is so proud of her Daddy (Jordan) as she watches the game. 


My Daddy loves his granddaughter...especially when she wants to hang out on his lap. 


Kaylee likes to go down the slide again, and again, and again, and again...


My two dear friends, Paige & Katelyn (Paige on the far right, Katelyn next to her), returned from a three month mission trip to Africa! We met them in San Francisco where their flight came in and had a lovely dinner in Ghirardelli Square. 

unnamed (1).jpg

Enjoying the view of San Francisco from Treasure Island. 

unnamed (2).jpg

Celebrating Mother's Day! (Kaylee was obviously so done with taking pictures. She just wanted to play, for goodness' sake!) From left to right: Me, my awesome mother, my amazing grandmother, and my sweet sister-in-law, Michaela (married to Jordan). 


Attended a friend's graduation ball at Kasteel Noz! (A beautiful mini castle tucked away in the middle-of-nowhere amidst walnut orchards and vineyards.) Being that I never went to prom, it's so much fun to dress up all fancayyy and dance the night away!

That's all the pictures for now! So, be sure and make memories and enjoy the fantastical alive-ness of Spring and Summer!

For now, 

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