Spreading It Before the Lord

Hezekiah received the letter from the hand of the messengers and read it; and Hezekiah went up to the house of the Lord and spread it before the Lord. And Hezekiah prayed before the Lord and said: “O Lord, the God of Israel, enthroned above the cherubim, you are the God, you alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth; you have made heaven and earth. Incline your ear, O Lord, and hear; open your eyes, O Lord, and see; and hear the words of Sennacherib, which he has sent to mock the living God..." (2 Kings 19:14-16)

Though Hezekiah knew that God knew the content of the letter and the intent of the king of Assyria's evil heart to destroy Jerusalem, he still "spread it before the Lord." He went up to the house of the Lord in prayer and told God about this evil, godless people's threats. 

God knows the intents of all people's hearts. He knows the coming and goings of life and death. He knows the rise and fall of every nation, great or small. He knows the hidden and unseen. He knows the sighs and tears; the joy and pain of each person's heart. He knows what's going to happen tomorrow and all the whys of what happened or will happen. He knows because He foreordained it to be so. 

Though He knows all of these things. Though He knows your heart and the often silent grief, confusion, difficult situations, mounting pressures, weaknesses, loneliness, dreams and desires, go to the Lord and spread it before Him. Go, pray, and do not hesitate to lay before the Lord the things He already knows. To admit your weakness or fear, your seemingly impossible situation, the weights and burdens that bear you down. Go to the house of the Lord, pray, and spread it before Him.

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