In The Fire

I'm writing to you here in the midst of the fire. In the midst of the hot, uncomfortable, broken, scary places. In the valley of the shadow.

It's easy to worship our God, call Him and His plans good, when things are going our way. But what about when life is hell on earth? What about when nothing is there to prop your faith up? No one, no circumstances, no thing

There's always a chance of loss, of disappointment, because we live in a sinful world. A world where pain, hurt, darkness is more a part of our life sometimes than anything we see as good. This Calvary road that we follow our Savior on will bend us, break us. It will ask of us blind obedience. It will call good what appears to our flesh and to the world as bad. It will ask of us faith when faith seems unnatural.

To believe that He is making us new, that He is working for our good, goes against our flesh entirely. The ability to praise Him for the bad as well as the good is a gift entirely given by the Lord. And this praising, this rejoicing, doesn't come out of feelings. It is raising weary hands, a breaking heart, and praising Him despite what we feel. It is holding on when letting go would be easier. It is choosing to believe His promises. It is reflecting on all His past faithfulness and knowing that He will be faithful now and it is out of that faithfulness that He is acting.

I am standing in the fire. I am standing in deep waters and maybe you're here with me, engaged in your own battle. Maybe you need someone who is here with you to tell you that there is joy that comes from worshiping our God when it doesn't make sense, when you have no strength left. To tell you that lifting your hands in worship is an act of faith that the world around you cannot understand. That lifting your hands in worship comes purely from God's supernatural strength. 

Worship with me and choose to believe truth.