If You Grieve Over #MeToo, You Should Grieve This Too

Everybody's talking about Harvey Weinstein and as a result #metoo has come about; a hashtag that people are using on social media to join others who have become open about their sexual abuse, harassment, and assault. 

While there has, and always will be, instances of abuse, I believe there are tangible factors in this culture that have a lot to do with the rise in that abuse in the recent years. Factors that we often ignore because they're so normalized not just in the secular culture, but sadly so in a large amount of the Christian culture. 

Last year I did a study on pornography; it's effects, causes, and the fact that it's so accessible & addicting. It has even infiltrated the church and the expectation that Christian men & women will have struggled with it, or currently do, is very realistic. 

I grew up unaware of just how rampant pornography was until I couldn't be unaware any longer. It became a conversation between me and my parents, me and my friends, and even one of the first questions I asked any guy whom I was getting to know for a potential relationship. 

I believe that God in His sovereignty placed me in situations where someone's struggle with porn directly effected my own life & I saw the firsthand results of it. I became determined to speak out against it & encourage others to be aware of the destruction that pornography causes. Pornography is far from harmless.


I'm sure many of you know why I began this post talking about the #metoo trend that has begun & now I'm talking about pornography. It's because they're directly correlated. But the problem is, not many want to recognize it or just plain and simple, don't realize it.

Several weeks ago the pastor at my church spoke out boldly & passionately against the atrocities, the sin, going on in our culture. One of those things was pornography and its blatant exploitation of women & even children. Its time that all of us take on the same boldness, disgust, & zero toleration of a sin so often coddled because of its accessibility. We have taken on an attitude of complacency. Its time that we take on the same hate of sin that God has & not be afraid to speak openly & boldly about the practices that are becoming more and more acceptable.

I do not speak out of ignorance, naivety,  or a false sense of pride. I speak out against it because I have seen firsthand the destruction that it wields in its users & the ones that the users use. I speak out because I do believe that we do have control over our actions. I speak out because God's Word is so black-and-white about what we do with anything that causes us to sin (Matthew 5:29). He doesn't tell us to coddle it, make excuses for it, or slowly wean ourselves off it it, He says for us to get rid of it.

The abuse that you so hate starts with you. It starts with us. It starts with hating sin & not taking our cues from a culture that is drowning in a moral decline with its now legalization of abortion & same-sex marriage and yes, normalization of abuse. Let's not hate the sin in one quarter (abuse) but turn around and nurse our secret sin in another quarter. 

Lets higher the standard in ourselves, in our brothers & sisters, in our (future) sons & daughters, & in our (future) husbands & wives. 

By the power, the healing, the hope, & the redemption of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that is more than possible. 

- jenn