Mourning for Las Vegas

Mourning for Las Vegas


It's hard to know what to say about such a devastating act of evil which has brought deep grief to our nation and it's families. 

But I know it's worse to say nothing. 

We cannot be silent even in the face of evil we pray yet to understand.

I know that we, seeking to influence others for Christ's Name, need to put words to the grief & mourning that we feel that is just a fraction of what what those who are directly affected by the shooting in Las Vegas are feeling. 

We need to put into action, into words, the light & hope that still remains true despite the darkness & evil that feels especially present right now. 

Though it's hard to even answer the questions that arise in our own hearts as we reside miles away from the scene of devastation, the character of our God remains steadfast & it's to His hope that we point. 

He is hope in the midst of hopelessness. (isaiah 40:31)

He is comfort for broken, raw, & aching hearts. (psalm 34:8)

He is healing for those who will now long effected by tragedy & loss. (psalm 147:3)

He mourns with those who mourn. (revelation 21:4)

He does not leave those alone whose lives know the absence of a loved one or those who relive the tragedy in their minds. (psalm 23:4)

He is light in the darkness. (psalm 27:1)

& we as His people are the hands & feet & messengers of the hope He brings to a hurting world. 

So to those who have been directly affected by this mass shooting in Las Vegas: 

While we can't understand it & we grasp for words we do mourn with you who are mourning. We do pray for your hearts & souls that are aching. We do acknowledge it. We do cry with you, pray for you, and stand in silence with you. & we do offer the same hope that our own souls & hearts cling to that we have known in our own deep darkness & devastation & loss. 

There is yet hope in your hopelessness. There is yet light in your darkness. There is yet reason in your chaos. There is yet redemption in the death. & there is yet a Savior who still stands sovereign.

- jenn


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