What I Learned From Wonder Woman

I finally got around to watching Wonder Woman. 

I'm really glad I watched it in the privacy of my home because I cried so. much. If you haven't seen it, I won't spoil it here, but let me tell ya, I cried. 

But I also learned some really good lessons that I didn't think I would learn from a DC Comics story. And maybe I'm crazy and nobody else picked up from the movie what I'm about to share, but I think it might be inspiring.

Disclaimer: I don't endorse all parts of this movie. There were a couple parts, mostly dialogue, that I thought were definitely not necessary. 

BUT I wanna talk about this movie & what it brought to mind & why it was inspiring. 

There's an island full of Amazonian women all skilled in fighting in warfare. All strong, all capable, & ready for the fight they may encounter. They train for an attack that may or may not happen, but still they train hard & become strong. 

This picture made me realize that the outward war, the fictional war, these fictional women were training for in the story was a really good picture of the kind of women that I believe God would have us be in this world. 

Strong in Jesus, training to fight a very real war that we face every day (Ephesians 6:12), strong in spirit & mind, willing to fight for those lesser & in need, practicing honor in every area of our lives.

I do mourn the modern day woman. I mourn what I am guilty of as well. I mourn how much of a sinful culture we have allowed to creep into our lives & the spiritual armor (Ephesians 6:10-20) that has grown rusty and useless because it sits in the corner of our lives and we never put it on or engage in real warfare.

I believe both men & women alike, deep down, desire to be warriors & soldiers fighting for what they really believe in. I think that's why there's countless stories & now movies that portray honorable warriors & fighters. And I believe that's why we look up to those examples & there's a craving deep down inside to be that &, well, kick some butt.


I believe us as Christian men & women don't have to go looking for battle & we don't have to don real armor because there's a war all around us & there's a spiritual armor ready & waiting for us to put on. 

There's a part near the end of the movie where Diana, Wonder Woman, listens to Aries (the god of war) speak about how she should really stop fighting against him and give up on mankind. You can see Diana linger for just a second on the thought that maybe Aries is right & maybe she should give up & fight with Aries, the evil god she's fought against her whole life. 

This hesitation of Diana's reminds me of when we are tempted to stop engaging in the warfare that God has set us in the midst of. It reminds me of when we begin to blur the lines & lay down our weapons & take off our armor. 

What does that look like in modern day culture?

It looks like the quiet compromise of joining a culture in their media; becoming numb to what flies in the face of all that we stand for as Christians. Homosexuality, promiscuity (sexual freedom), godlessness, etc. 

It looks like using our lives for our own betterment, gain, name, popularity, & profit (John 3:30) & maybe just wielding some "God talk" to season some parts of our lives.

It looks like nursing secret sins in the background where no person can see them.

It looks like holding grudges & holding onto un-forgiveness & bitterness.

It looks like backing away from opportunities to serve & do what we as Christians have all been called to do: love Jesus, love people, & make disciples.

It looks like passivity.

I have done all of these things.

Diana's mother, the queen of the Amazonians, bids Diana goodbye as she goes to fight in the modern day war against the Germans. Diana cannot stand to stay & do nothing when there is a war going on that is killing millions of people. She believes that she has been created to fight for mankind so she decides to leave in secret because her mother would rather have her stay & stay safe, I presume.

After learning from her mother that if she leaves to fight she cannot come back to the Amazonian island Diana says, Who would I be if I stayed?

She chooses to leave & fight even at great cost. She will never see her mother or her people again but still she goes because she knows that if she stayed she would not be fulfilling her purpose. A piece of her would not be the same if she chose the easy route & did not put to use what she had been training all of her life for.

I know what that feels like, choosing the easy & safe route because I'm scared, because it challenges every bit of my desire to stay comfortable & safe. And a part of you isn't the same. A part of you will always feel regret over an opportunity that you missed out on. A part of you knows that you have betrayed your real calling in that moment. A part of you knows you were created to fight.

What if, like the example of these Amazonian women in a fictional story, we trained & fought hard & spent our lives not only readying for war, but really engaging in it? What if we gave up our passivity & chose to be outspoken & different from the world? 

There's a reason we're inspired by heroism & warriors. We were created for it. We were hardwired to fight a war to end all wars.


I want to challenge you, all of us, men & women alike, to listen to the deep down desire to be a warrior. To realize that we can be fighters because there's a very real battle to fight. 

Let's lay down our passivity & start training & fighting & doing what we were created to do.

Go watch Wonder Woman & see if you're not inspired. 

- jenn